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What You Really Need for Camping & Backpacking | Essential Gear Guide

Camping and Backpacking is one of the best ways to get out into nature so whether it’s your first time camping or you’re a seasoned trail veteran, this camping gear guide will share the best backpacking essentials you’ll need for your next camping trip.\n\nI’m Alex, I’m a travel filmmaker, photographer, and TV host. I’ve been hiking, backpacking, and camping since my childhood, and that love of nature has led me to many outdoor adventures in the backcountry of North America, Europe, Africa, and New Zealand. In this video, I’ll share all my tips and insights on the essential equipment you need to safely and comfortably enjoy the great outdoors without overpacking unnecessary gear.\n\nALL MY GEAR RECOMMENDATIONS ➡️\n+ My Favorite Knife:\n+ My EMERGENCY SAFETY DEVICE:\n+ My Favorite Camping Backpack:\n+ My Favorite 2 Person Backpacking Tent:\n+ My Favorite 1 Person Lightweight Tent:\n+ My Favorite Sleeping Bag:\n+ My Favorite Sleeping Pad:\n+ My Favorite Lightweight Pillow:\n+ My Favorite Emergency Bivy:\n+ My Favorite Rain Fly:\n+ My Favorite Hiking Boots:\n+ My Favorite Rain Jacket:\n+ My Favorite Hiking Pants:\n+ My Favorite Wool Base Layer Top:\n+ My Favorite Wool Base Layer Bottom:\n+ My Favorite Wool Socks:\n+ My Favorite Gravity Water Filter:\n+ My Favorite Lightweight Camping Stove:\n+ My Favorite Headlamp Flash Light:\n\nMY DOG CAMPING GEAR ➡️\n\n—\n+ SUBSCRIBE |\n—\n+ INSTAGRAM |\n—\nMY PHOTOGRAPHY PRINTS |\n—-\nGET $55 Dollars FREE For Your Next AIRBNB!\n\n—\n#Camping #Backpacking #Gear #Essentials #CampingEssentials #PackingList\n\n\nHOW I LEARNED SPANISH |\nHOW I LEARNED FRENCH |\nMY BACKPACK |\nMY CAMERA |\nMY LENS |\nMY DRONE |\nMY MICROPHONE |\nMY HIKING BOOTS |\nMY TRAVEL YOGA MAT | legit steroid site \n— \nBOOK RECS \n+ Obstacle Is The Way |\n+ Discipline Equals Freedom |\n+ The Power Of Habit |\n+ Can’t Hurt Me |\n—\n+ MY HAIR GEL |\n—\nTRANSLATE MY VIDEOS:\u0026c=UC_uIW_MvxONcZsAkaMq1ujA

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